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Students in front of the Long and Kimmy Nguyen Engineerng Building on the Fairfax Camput

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Graduate Admissions and Enrollment Services

Thank you for your interest in Graduate Studies at the Volgenau School of Engineering. Established in 1985, the Volgenau School offers faculty who are not only educators, but active members of local industry, offering students both real-world experience combined with strong academic classroom experiences. Located less than 20 miles outside of Washington DC, George Mason has been ranked the number one Up and Coming University in the country by US News and World Report. Graduate programs in the Volgenau School attract applicants from all over the globe by offering a wide variety of programs to our students, with convenient scheduling for working students.

Please note: Graduate Admissions at George Mason University has recently centralized. Beginning with the Fall 2016 term, the Office of Graduate Admissions will be responsible for all graduate applications to the university. For Fall 2016, please contact the Office of Graduate Admissions.

Spring 2016 applications will continue to be processed through the current Office of Graduate Admissions & Enrollment Services in the Volgenau School of Engineering.

See the full listing of our degrees and submit your application online now!

Would you like to know more? Our staff is always here to help. You can join us for one of our Prospective Graduate Student Information Sessions or contact us via phone, on-campus visit, or email.