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The Volgenau School of Engineering is dedicated to formulating innovative solutions and developing useful technology to solve real-world problems. This ongoing and ever-expanding work exemplifies our commitment to generating new knowledge, supporting our community of scholars, and engaging in research of consequence.

Some of our recent discoveries include improving wireless communication networks, inventing new ways of imaging with ultrasound devices, and developing robot intelligence and autonomy. Our faculty members and their research teams have also produced promising work for enhancing mental health by combating neurological disorders, improving network security by strengthening IT systems and recovering lost data by using digital laser microscopy.

Funding sources include a variety of federal agencies including the Department of Defense, the National Institutes of Health, the National Science Foundation, as well as grants from business and industry. Last year the school's research expenditures totaled almost $20 million.


Research Capabilities

Detailed information on our research activities can be found on department-level web pages:

Research Resources


Resources for Proposal Preparation:

Guidelines for Proposal Preparation (.pdf) - Read this first. 
Budget Template (in Excel)
Budget Justification Template (in Word)
2006-2007 GTA/GRA Salary Matrix (.pdf)

A list of the research interests of our faculty.

Additional information can be found on department-level web pages: