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Academic Advising

Undergraduate Academic Advising

Regular academic advising is essential to your success; it keeps you on track to graduate. Meeting with your advisor at least once a semester will ensure that your educational goals and your career goals align. Contact your department representative to set up a time for a one-on-one meeting.

Accelerated Master's Program

If you have a strong GPA and have shown yourself to be a motivated student, the accelerated Master's path might be right for you. Students who pursue this program can graduate with a bachelor's degree and a master's degree in just 5 years, giving them a head start on a successful career.

See your undergraduate advisor for more details before you apply.

Major Location Phone Contact


Peterson Hall 3100


Claudia Borke

Civil & Infrastructure Engineering

ENGR 1300


Lisa Nolder

Computer Science and
Applied Computer Science

ENGR 4300


CS Department

Cyber Security Engineering

ENGR 2500


Dr. Peggy Brouse

Electrical Engineering and
Computer Engineering

ENGR 3100


ECE Department

Information Technology

ENGR 5400


IST Department

Mechanical Engineering

ENGR 3300


Dr. Colin Reagle


ENGR 1700


Dr. Elizabeth Johnson

Systems Engineering

ENGR 2100


SEOR Department

Undeclared Students

ENGR 2500


Alison Bartnek

Bachelor of Applied Science
- Cyber Security
- Defense Information Systems Technology
- Technology and Innovation

BRH 102
(SciTech Campus)


Krystal Dains

Pre-Orientation Advising

To prepare for your in-person orientation, Mason offers the option to request a pre-orientation advising meeting with an academic advisor from your college or school.

If you seek pre-orientation advising, please be aware that not all the departments provide the service. If a department provides the service, however, you must first submit a request online for transfer credits to be fully evaluated for advising. You may request a transcript evaluation here

Pre-orientation advising is most effective after your transfer credits have been evaluated by Mason admissions. Please continue to monitor your Patriot Web account after you submit your request. When your credits are reflected on your Mason transcript, contact your department to inquire if they are available for an appointment.

The school's academic advisors assist students in creating strategic course plans to meet the requirements of their majors and minors, while also suggesting classes that can enhance their experience at Mason.