Meet Our Faculty


  • Shri Dubey

    Assistant Professor, Volgenau

    Shri Dubey has more than 18 years of industrial experience with reputable industries such as Ford Motor Company, Lucent Technologies, and Bell Lab Innovation in the areas of automotive engineering and wireless technologies respectively. Dubey was involved in the design and development of powertrain components and assemblies. In addition, Shri worked on the development of remote radio heads and base stations for wireless technologies at Bell Lab. His extensive experience and expertise from various industries will assist students in senior design projects and their professional development.
  • Professor, Associate Dean for Strategic Initiatives & Community Engagement, Volgenau 

    Building meaningful partnerships across the university with external corporate, government, academic, non-profit, and global entities to support the mission of the Volgenau School of Engineering and the strategic objectives of George Mason University.
  • Associate Professor, Computer Science, Volgenau

    Zoran Duric is the program coordinator for the Master of Computer Science Degree. He has taught at George Mason University since 1995. His main research interests are applying computer vision and video image processing to analyze movements of humans and vehicles. He is a deputy editor of Pattern Recognition Journal and a member of the editorial board of IEEE Transactions on Intelligent Transportation Systems. Research 2012 - 2013 : Innovation House Rapid Development Project. Funded by Strategic Analysis Inc.
  • Assistant Professor, Information Sciences and Technology, Volgenau

  • Assistant Professor, Systems Engineering and Operations Research, Volgenau

    Hadi El-Amine is an Assistant Professor in the Systems Engineering and Operations Research Department at George Mason University.
  • Research Faculty, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Volgenau

    Lieutenant General Robert Elder (USAF, retired) joined the research faculty at George Mason University following his retirement from the Air Force as the Commander, 8th Air Force. 8th Air Force is the senior Air Force organization at US Strategic Command and is responsible for deterrence and global strike operations. US Strategic Command also operates the global command's Joint Air Operations Center. Elder held a position with the outfit as the joint functional commander responsible for planning and coordinating all nuclear and global strike force activities.
  • Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Volgenau

    Yariv Ephraim received the D.Sc. degree in Electrical Engineering in 1984 from the Technion-Israel Institute of Technology, Haifa, Israel. During 1984-1985 he was a Rothschild Post-Doctoral Fellow at the Information Systems Laboratory, Stanford University, Palo Alto, CA. During 1985-1993 he was a Member of Technical Staff at the Information Principles Research Laboratory, AT&T Bell Labs, Murray Hill, NJ. In 1991 he joined George Mason University, Fairfax, VA, where he currently is Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering.
  • Assistant Professor, Sid and Reva Dewberry Department of Civil, Environmental, and Infrastructure Engineering, Volgenau

    Before joining George Mason University, Behzad Esmaeili was an assistant professor at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln’s Durham School of Architectural Engineering and Construction. He actively conducts research in the field of construction safety, specializing in injury prevention strategies, hazard identification, risk management, and decision-making.
  • Assistant Professor, Mechanical Engineering, Volgenau

    Geriel Ettienne-Modeste joined the Volgenau School of Engineering in January 2016. She specializes in the areas of biomechanics and bioinspired materials for mechanical systems, and brings her extensive background in engineering education, mentoring, and program development to the growing Mechanical Engineering program. Ettienne-Modeste is a Bioengineer and Mechanical Engineer with 7+ years of experience in government and private industry, and 10+ years of experience in K-16 STEM education and community outreach.
  • Tokunbo Fadahunsi

    Assistant Professor, Volgenau

    Tokunbo Fadahunsi’s teaching philosophy is learner-focused and uses active-learning pedagogies. As an instructor, he encourages critical thinking by integrating relatable examples drawn from his students’ diverse backgrounds and majors into his classroom and assignments. As an educator with research interests within the statistical sciences, Fadahunsi focuses on encouraging the critical thinking skills of his students while aiding their retention of statistical concepts. He also endeavors to develop within his students a desire to learn how to draw and communicate information from data.