Bachelor of Applied Science

Robert Talbert enrolled in the BAS program because he was looking to focus on cybersecurity.

“I feel that cybersecurity is the most important thing in this generation, with every little appliance and gadget being connected to the Internet of Things,” said Talbert.

Talbert, a veteran of the U.S. military is not currently working, and is being supported financially through the military, but he is seeking a paid internship or mentorship program. Talbert aspires to become a security analyst or security programmer. 

“The Volgenau faculty so far have been great and very helpful,” said the NVCC transfer student. “I think the program is better suited for individuals who are returning to the cybersecurity field, or are continuing their education, but it is possible to learn the skill having had no prior exposure to it.”

If you are over age 25 and want to be part of the growing IT workforce, then the Bachelor of Applied Science (BAS) might be for you.  Meet your professional and personal goals and gain real-world skills.

Student veteran and International Studies major, Jim Miller, at the annual Veterans Day luncheon on the Fairfax Campus. Photo by Nicolas Tan

Student veteran and International Studies major, Jim Miller, at the annual Veterans Day luncheon on the Fairfax Campus. Photo by Nicolas Tan


When combined with specialized Applied Associate Science (AAS) degree programs, the BAS streamlines your path to completion of traditional academic requirements and leads to a non-traditional bachelor’s degree. 

Volgenau offers several concentrations in collaboration with the University Provost’s Office.

Contact Krystal Dains, the BAS Academic Program Coordinator, for more information.

Areas of Specialization:

Cyber Security

Cyberattacks ripple across many industries, and experts believe that the country could face a shortage of as many as 190,000 people with the necessary experience to detect and fight online criminals. 

If you are a veteran or a student serving in the armed forces, the Cyber Security BAS degree might be just what you are looking for to help your career take off.  If you have already completed your Associate of Applied Science in Cyber Security you can earn a Bachelor’s degree and start a cyber security career with the skills you need to hit-the-ground-running.

Volgenau offers this degree program in collaboration with Northern Virginia Community College (NVCC) and Lord Fairfax Community College (LFCC).

Learn more about Cyber Security.

Defense Information Systems Technology

Designed especially for Joint Terminal Attack Controllers (JTAC) who have successfully earned an AAS from Community College of the Air Force (CCAF), this concentration is ideal if you already have real life experience with systems networking and communications technology, and want to learn more about the theory and practice you need to work with today’s emerging information technologies.

Help fill the growing demand for information systems specialists in industries such as defense, telecommunications, education and training, finance, and health services. Analysts at the Virginia Workforce Connection predict that by the year 2018, the Commonwealth will have added more than 60,000 new jobs for information technology related fields. Mason designed the DIST concentration to meet the need for technically trained and experienced IT professionals.

Learn more about Defense Information Systems Technology.

Technology & Innovation

If you want to gain workplace and industry-wide technical competence, complete a bachelor’s degree, and enhance your personal earning potential, this concentration is for you. Courses focus on business know-how and information technology skills to prepare you for the global economy.

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