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SYST 621: Systems Architecture Design

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Architecture design and representation and the methodologies used to obtain them. Approaches based on system engineering constructs such as object orientation and service oriented architectures are used to design architectures and then represent them in conformance with an architecture framework such as DoDAF. Executable models of the architecture are derived to be used for architecture evaluation. Examples from current practice are used.

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Intensive study of relationships between different types of architecture representations and methodologies used to obtain them. Approaches based on systems engineering constructs, such as structured analysis and software engineering constructs, including object orientation, are used to develop architecture representations or views and to derive an executable model of the information architecture. Executable model is then used for behavior analysis and performance evaluation. Roles of systems architect and systems engineer are discussed. Examples from current practice including the C4ISR architectures are used.

Hours of Lecture or Seminar per week: 3

Equivalent to ECE 674.

Credits: 3


SYST 520/ECE 550 and SYST 620/ECE 673.

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