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CEIE 512: Structural Steel Design

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Structural design process, steel material and shapes, steel behavior, specs and codes, LRFD/ASD, loads, gravity and lateral systems, bracings, tributary areas, tension members design; shear lag, net area, load transfer, column design; column strength curve, effective length approach, local buckling, beam design; lateral-torsional buckling, unbraced length, noncompact and compact, deflections, connections design; bolts, bearing, slip-critical, eccentric shear, welds, capacity, fillets, eccentric welds, stability, frame design; beam-column connections, base plate, bracings, optimization, computer design tools

When Offered: Spring

Hours of Lecture or Seminar per week: 3

Credit is not given for both CEIE 412 and 512.

Credits: 3


CEIE 311

1 Course Sections Scheduled for Spring 2018