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CS 112: Introduction to Computer Programming

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Limited to 2 Attempts

Rigorous introduction to problem solving through development of computer programs. Focuses on identifying algorithmic patterns in problems, describing problem solutions in high-level pseudocode, then implementing in a procedural programming language. Basic programming concepts are covered in detail including expressions, control structures, simple data types, and input/output. Program testing and debugging are discussed to verify that problems are solved correctly.

Hours of Lecture or Seminar per week: 3

Hours of Lab or Studio per week: 1

Fulfills Mason Core requirement in
information technology (all except ethics).

Credits: 4


C or better in MATH 104 or MATH 105 or specified score on math placement test, or MATH 113 with a C or better.

38 Course Sections Scheduled for Fall 2017

36 Course Sections Scheduled for Fall 2018

28 Course Sections Scheduled for Spring 2018