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TCOM 653: Global Positioning System (GPS)

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Presents in-depth treatment of theoretical and practical aspects of the Global Positioning system. Topics include: Basic Transmission Engineering for GPS; Spaced-Based Systems, Navigation, GPS Architecture, Signals, Ranging; Sources of Ranging Errors, Atomic Clocks, Timescales, Frequency Stability, Time Distribution, Carrier-to-Noise Ratio (C/No), Noise Figure and Noise Factor, Code and Signal Generation. Signal Acquisition and Tracking, Modulation/Demodulation, Correlation, Time-To-First-Fix, Almanac and Dual-Frequency Capability; Differential GPS, Global Navigation Satellite Systems and Augmentation Systems.

When Offered: Fall

Hours of Lecture or Seminar per week: 3

Credits: 3


TCOM 500