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As of January 1st, more than 170 Volgenau alumni have donated to the Volgenau School of Engineering -- our goal is 600 alumni donors by June 30th, 2017. Join the Adopt-a-‘Bot Campaign and give us the extra power we need to support The Volgenau School of Engineering and its students.


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You can help propel George Mason University and our students to a bright new future. The Faster Farther campaign is a one-stop portal for directing support to the university as a whole, or directly to a Volgenau program or fund. Your support is the momentum that drives Mason to achieve important goals faster, and for our impact to go farther. 

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Meet the 'Bots and Support Us

Your gift will help the ‘bots help Volgenau. Choose the department you'd like to support. Every gift provides the circuits, coding, and systems for our ‘bots to strengthen the school’s reputation and help students.

Archie - Dean's Fund 'Bot

Archie the Dean's Fund 'BotArchie is our most flexible and dexterous robot. Named after one of the most famous engineer in history, Archimedes, Archie represents the fund that helps all budding engineers at Mason.

Archie works to attract and retain the most dynamic and world-renowned faculty. Because he wants our students and faculty to have the best equipment, he helps build state-of-the-art facilities. He also helps our faculty and students travel to conferences so they can learn about the latest advances in the field and share their knowledge with others. When you adopt Archie, you know your gift will go where it is needed most. Support the Volgenau Dean's Fund

Bea - Bioengineering 'Bot

Bea the Bioengineering 'BotBea has a big heart and she wants to see Bioengineering faculty and students design more robots that help people with their daily tasks, but that’s not all. Many Bioengineering undergraduates are involved in research that takes them to faraway conferences, and Bea’s fund can help them get there. She’s a smart, independent thinker who sees that the rapid growth in this department calls for more funding. Support Bioengineering



Cybil - Civil, Environmental, and Infrastructure Engineering 'Bot

Cybil the Civil, Environmental, and Infrastructure Engineering 'BotCybil doesn’t mind getting dirty or wading into rivers and streams to do her work. Digging, building, and analyzing our infrastructure are a big part of her skill set. She may look like a simple backhoe, but with her circuits and dashboard, she can be programmed to work through complex problems in transportation, construction, or water management. Cybil knows that CEIE students and faculty have strong ties to the Northern Virginia economy and she’s eager to help grow those relationships. Support Civil & Infrastructure Engineering


Cecil - Computer Science 'Bot

Cecil the Computer Science 'BotCecil is one smart ‘bot - he analyzes, organizes and capitalizes on information. From developing apps to understanding advanced theoretical math, Cecil’s power makes many of today’s changes in computer equipment a reality. Cecil’s department is the one of the biggest departments at Volgenau and one of the most popular majors at Mason. Cecil knows computer scientists help robots like him think and do and he wants you to help them do more. Support Computer Science


Edith - Electrical and Computer Engineering 'Bot

Edith the Electrical and Computer Engineering BotSmall but mighty, Edith likes to help students combine electrical and electronic studies. A collaborative ‘bot, Edith works across disciplinary boundaries. She can help protect services we depend on, such as utilities, transportation, and defense, or turn her focus to signal processing to improve wireless communication. If you want to help her department continue its cutting-edge research and support of ECE students, adopt Edith. Named after the first woman electrical engineer, Edith Clarke, Edith wants to help the all electrical and computer engineers at Mason. Support Electrical Engineering


Izzie - Information Sciences and Technology Bot

Izzie the Information Sciences and Technology 'BotDon’t let Izzie’s diminutive proportions fool you — even though she can fit in your pocket and weighs merely a few ounces, she can locate information, process payments, find directions, make dinner reservations, or call your mom. Izzie gathers valuable data and finds ways to use it effectively. She understands the complexity of information our rapidly changing world. Her agility helps her roll with the punches and deliver content seamlessly any time, any place, anywhere. Give to Izzie and you will support one of our largest departments with many popular fields of study. Support Information Sciences and Technology

Mick - Mechanical Engineering 'Bot

Mick the Mechanical Engineering BotMick enjoys design and advanced manufacturing and he’s passionate about renewable and sustainable energy. Mick’s solar panel “eyes” give him plenty of energy to tackle society’s biggest problems. Like many mechanical engineers he gets involved in all kinds of projects and uses his engineering expertise to find solutions. Mick is super-excited about this new program that began in 2014. He knows the because of ME's popularity, it won’t be long before he will be hearing from many of its students, faculty, and alumni. Support Mechanical Engineering


Stanley - Statistics 'Bot

Stanley the Statistics 'BotSome ‘bots crunch objects, but Stanley crunches numbers: with powerful formulas and equations, he can turn raw data into useful info. He knows he’s one-of-a-kind because there are not many schools of engineering that include departments of statistics. He doesn’t mind being a little different — he thinks being unique is a good thing. Adopt Stanley and support his very special contributions to our school. Support Statistics



Seymour - Systems Engineering and Operations Research 'Bot

Seymour the Systems Engineering and Operations Research 'Bot

When you need a ‘bot who can lead a team or devise solutions to unsolved problems, look no further than Seymour. Because he is a drone, Seymour, can “see more” and get the big picture. Seymour can break down challenges to many engineering difficulties. With his impressive computational skills, he devises models and plans that stand the test of time. Support System's Engineering & Operations Research

Victor - Volgenau School Scholarships 'Bot

Victor the Volgenau School Scholarships 'BotVictor’s work provides support for students with financial need. He knows when our students receive scholarships they worry less about finances and can focus on their studies. When you give to his fund, you will be making a difference in the life of a Volgenau student. Support Volgenau Scholarships





Support a Student From Your Department for One Year!

With a gift of $1,000, you can support a student from your department for one year. Your ‘bot will send you the name of the recipient and recognize you for your gift.

Send us an email to with a short note (<21 characters). We’ll post your name, class year, 'bot, and message (must be approved by our ‘bots), and send you a link to follow the ‘bots on Twitter and Facebook.