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Mason’s Volgenau School of Engineering Offers High Return on Investment

September 16, 2013

Current students and alumni will be pleased to know that they made a wise decision when enrolling in the Volgenau School of Engineering.
In a recent survey from that identified the 20 engineering programs in the United States with the highest return on investment (ROI), George Mason University's program is ranked sixth.
According to the website, "students who graduate from these programs earn more over their lifetimes, on average, than engineering graduates from other institutions."
"We are so pleased that Mason's engineering program ranked very high on the list of schools with the highest return on investment," says Kenneth Ball, dean of the Volgenau School of Engineering. "This is exactly the kind of recognition our program needs as we continue to produce successful graduates — both professionally and economically."
Mason joins other top engineering programs such as Harvey Mudd College, California Institute of Technology and Stanford University. The Volgenau School of Engineering, says AffordableCollegesOnline, prepares students to be competitive in their field and achieve academic and career excellence in high-demand positions.
Home to 5,187 undergraduate and graduate students, the school consists of seven departments: Applied Information Technology; Bioengineering; Sid and Reva Dewberry Department of Civil, Environmental and Infrastructure Engineering; Computer Science; Electrical and Computer Engineering; Statistics; and Systems Engineering and Operations Research.
A version of this story originally appeared on Mason's Newsdesk September 16, 2013.
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