CEIE Hosts Nine Foreign Students for Summer Research

CEIE launched its scaled-up Summer Research for Foreign University Students program in July, 2014.  Nine civil engineering students from targeted universities in China, Italy, Pakistan, Taiwan and Turkey were selected from a highly competitive pool of over 50 applicants for the three week summer program.
 CEIE Students In Volgenau Engineering Building
Students conducted research joining existing research teams in the department to determine their interest in and fit with graduate studies and research in civil engineering at George Mason starting, potentially, in 2015. Student interests and skills were matched beforehand with research opportunities, which included research on 3D printing of structures; on travel demand modelling and traffic management using GPS; on residual strength of soil; and on modeling sustainable watersheds.  CEIE faculty were impressed with the students' civil engineering backgrounds, with their ability to adapt to their new environment, and their focused, hard work to contribute meaningfully in such a short period.
Students lived on campus in GMU university dorms and managed to have some fun, too, in the Washington DC area.  They visited Washington DC's best known sites with selfies in front of the US Capitol and the White House; attended a Washington Nationals professional baseball game (we won!); and at the completion of the program, some organized a visit to New York and to the beach on their own.  All students managed to complete their necessary shopping, too.
Applications for the 2015 Summer Research for Foreign University Students program will be accepted in early February, 2015, when new research topics are posted.