College of Engineering and Computing academic advisors recognized 


At last week’s V. Ann Lewis Academic Advisor of the Year Awards, College of Engineering and Computing advisors represented three of the top ten awardees. The nominations committee received nearly 800 student nominations for 130 unique advisors. The committee reviews comments and selects the top ten advisors and the advisor of the year. Our academic advisors represent a vital aspect of student success at the college. This award recognizes excellence in advising across the Mason community and demonstrates our appreciation of the academic advising community.   

Congratulations to our awardees: 

Krystal Dains - BAS coordinator, information sciences and technology  

Claudia Borke - Academic advisor, bioengineering  

Tom Winston - Faculty advisor in cybersecurity engineering 

What the students said about the advisors: 

Krystal Daines 

“I have transferred from NOVA to Mason, and Mrs. Dains has been the guiding beacon of my Mason degree completion. I am now one semester away from graduation, and Mrs. Dains has advised and provided resources that have made anxiety of 'what to do next,' 'am I filling out everything I need' very low. When I first met her, I was greeted with a friendly and enthusiastic attitude which she has continued to maintain throughout the 2020 uncertainties and changes up to this day..." 

Claudia Borke 

“Ever since I’ve been accepted into Mason, and even before that when I was inquiring, Ms. Borke was always there for me. She has managed to go above and beyond in getting close to her students, as she makes sure to understand them. For example, Ms. Borke knows about how I limit my credits per semester so that I don’t feel pressured. Ever since then, she made sure to adjust my entire schedule and even makes sure to contact me to schedule a meeting if It’s been too long. Although these things might simply just fall into the advisor’s job, Ms. Borke also makes sure that her students are okay and that they’re doing well with their personal lives. I really needed that last semester due to the pressures of school and being away from my family, and I’m glad somebody was making sure I was doing okay. Ms. Borke is quite honestly a guardian angel for all bioengineering students at Mason, and we’re lucky to have her as an advisor.” 

Thomas Winston 

"Professor Winston is TRULY passionate about helping students succeed. He goes above and beyond for those who he is assigned to advise and even for those who he is not assigned (He is the GOAT, therefore many students seek him for advising). He TRULY cares about students and helps us with a positive attitude, always! He works extremely hard; he is available any time and is very responsive to students. In conclusion, Winston is irreplaceable. I've never seen anyone with such commitment and who loves advising and helping students succeed as much as he does.”