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Behzad Esmaeili’s research team receives American Society of Civil Engineering's best paper award

November 6, 2018

Pictured from left to right: President of ASCE Kristina L. Swallow, Assistant Professor Behzad Esmaeili, former graduate student Sogand Hasanzadeh, Executive Director of ASCE Thomas W. Smith III.

Behzad Esmaeili’s research team received the 2018 Best Paper Award for a journal article they published in the ASCE Journal of Management in Engineering titled “Measuring the Impacts of Safety Knowledge on Construction Workers’ Attentional Allocation and Hazard Detection Using Remote Eye-Tracking Technology.”

Esmaeili actively conducts research in the field of construction safety, specializing in injury prevention strategies, hazard identification, risk management, and decision making. 

“I feel really proud of my research team, and I hope our research bridges the experimental and theoretical realms of construction safety and improves the well-being of millions of Americans,” Esmaeili says.

The award ceremony took place in ASCE Annual Convention at Denver, Colorado, in October 2018. The National Science Foundation supported the research in this paper reported in this paper through Decision, Risk and Management Sciences program.

"It is vital to ensure workers can work safely, learn, and communicate effectively."

Sogand Hasanzadeh, former graduate student