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Department of Statistics hosts workshop for statistics instructors

June 24, 2019

Elizabeth Johnson, an assistant professor in the Department of Statistics, is organizing a workshop at Mason that will help instructors polish their skills in teaching statistics.

Mason Engineering’s Department of Statistics is hosting a workshop on teaching statistics Thursday, July 18.

The event is designed for both beginning and experienced instructors of introductory and intermediate statistics content at the high school and undergraduate level. About 60 participants from two-year colleges, four-year universities, and high schools are attending the workshop.

Presenters include some of the most well-respected statistics educators in the country, including Beth Chance, professor of statistics at Cal-Poly and chair of the statistical education section for the American Statistical Association; Nathan Tintle, professor of statistics at Dordt University; and Ruth Carver, a recipient of the Siemens Foundation AP Teacher Award.

“This workshop is a great opportunity to bring faculty together and focus on current statistics teaching pedagogy and statistics education research at all levels,” says event organizer Elizabeth Johnson, an assistant professor of statistics. 

The focus of the morning session will be on the use of simulation-based methods, including bootstrapping and permutation tests, to illustrate core concepts of statistical inference within the context of the overall research process.

In the afternoon, participants will focus on either introductory statistics or multivariable statistics, which will include conceptual approaches using data visualization and simulation procedures to improve students' multivariable statistical thinking in both statistics courses and other science courses which use statistics.

Space is limited. For more information, visit the website.