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Cybersecurity Summit

As more of the world's business goes online, digital information becomes a primary target for hackers, meaning demand by government, companies, and organizations for cybersecurity experts will continue to rise. We're preparing for the next battlefront of sophisticated cybercrime, and the need for our graduates has never been higher.

Enjoy the Benefits of a Partnership with us

Become a research partner with the top experts in cybersecurity. Gain access to some of the most talented students in the nation, enabling you to have the first choice from a rich, deep hiring pool.

Contribute to a dynamic, young, and growing Department of Cyber Security Engineering that's able to adapt and respond to new challenges.

For more information, contact Liza Wilson Durant, Associate Dean, Strategic Initiatives and Community Engagement.

Become a Digital Defender

An urgent need exists for a workforce with advanced technical skills in everything related to security and communications. Volgenau’s engineering programs, with their emphasis on cybersecurity, prepare students to create and maintain crucial information systems that will protect our nation from cyber threats with innovative knowledge and effective tools.

Cyber Security Educational Programs 

Mason Engineering offers a first-of-its-kind bachelor's degree in cyber security engineering, as well as a master's degree.

Students in our cyber security engineering bachelor's program learn how to safeguard existing systems and build resilient new ones. We take a systems approach to cybersecurity and teach students the fundamentals of cyber from the ground up. Students study ways to develop adaptive defenses against attackers. 

Undergraduates have the option of earning an accelerated master’s degree in one of these specialties: computer engineering; digital forensics; operations research; systems engineering.

Our master’s degree in cyber security engineering prepares graduates to design and implement secure complex and cyber-physical systems consisting of software, hardware, and networking components; respond to incidents involving these systems, and develop offensive and defensive tools and techniques to attack and secure these systems.

To produce graduates who can prevent new cybersecurity problems—not just fix old ones—George Mason University this fall will become the first college in the country to offer a cybersecurity engineering degree that focuses on cyber-resilience engineering design.

Research of Consequence

Our researchers are at the forefront of exploration and study in a number of significant areas.

From our roots in information and communication technology engineering, we are building inroads into uncharted territories of a future that will be more efficient, safer, healthier, and more prosperous. 

  • Air transportation management: As a center of excellence in operations research, our work is staying ahead of the challenge of coordinating an increasingly crowded sky.
  • Information and network assurance: We’re planning for the next big network hack by building defenses to protect you, your business, and our national communications systems from attack.
  • Configuration analytics and assurance: The best defense is a good offense. Our researchers are constructing testing methods and automatic systems to keep up with quickly changing user environments, networks, and cyber-physical systems.
  • Command, Control, Communications, Computing, Cyber, and Intelligence (C5I): We’re the nation’s first and only public university to offer comprehensive education and research in engineering for C5I. No other university has access to such research in sensing and fusion, C3 architectures, communications and signal processing, command support and intelligent systems, modeling and simulation, and distributed education and training.
  • Secure Information Systems: We’re imagining and composing the new structures for secure information. This realm encompasses information secrecy, integrity, and availability problems.

Duminda Wijesekera, chair of the Department of Cyber Security Engineering, is co-director of the Center for Assured Research at Mason.