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Much of the business of our lives is conducted in a digital environment, generating massive amounts of data. Managing and protecting that data is essential. Our expertise in data science makes Mason the tip of the cyber-security spear among Virginia universities.

Mason Leads Virginia in Analyzing, Protecting Data

Cybersecurity is in a battle with increasingly sophisticated attackers, who are developing new ways to access information.

Complicating matters is the massive growth rate of digital data, which makes it harder to detect and defend.

As Virginia's leader in information protection and data sciences, our faculty, researchers, and graduates have the depth of knowledge and expertise to stand on the front lines.

Our innovations in data science and cybersecurity work together to shield digital information.

Our multidisciplinary programs produce graduates who know how to mine broad streams of data for actionable intelligence.

That insight enables cybersecurity experts to spot attacks and protect critical assets in real time. 

It doesn't stop there; our researchers use data science to identify trends and develop solutions in a variety of fields, including health care, transportation, and homeland security.

And our proximity to Washington, D.C., the Dulles Tech Corridor, and Bethesda's Bio-research Cluster provide Mason with research partners, internships, and a place to find a career.  

Mason Research Harnesses the Power of Data Science and Information Security

We embrace analytics as a vital multidisciplinary tool. Our students and faculty use data science to study and solve real-world problems in healthcare, environmental sustainability, global social issues, financial markets and security, intellectual property, artificial intelligence, and defense.


“I see a tremendous opportunity for computer science in general, and cybersecurity in particular, in Northern Virginia and specifically at Mason. I am very excited by the possibilities opened up by the recently announced School of Computing at Mason, as well as the new cybersecurity department within the Volgenau School of Engineering.”

— Jonathan Katz, Eminent Scholar in Cybersecurity, Volgenau School of Engineering

Pioneering Programs and Faculty

Volgenau School of Engineering

Cybersecurity: Mason Engineering holds one of the longest track records of cybersecuraity in the nation. Our location makes us an incubator for the newest networks, systems, and trained experts. Students take courses that provide theoretical and practical knowledge of all aspects of the field. Mason proactively pursues research within government and industry organizations that depend on strong and reliable information security, and our students are recruited long before graduation.

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