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Giving Back to Community, Improving STEM 

Our STEM Outreach program prepares middle and high school students to follow their passion in engineering, technology, cybersecurity, and data analytics. You can make a difference by supporting our programs, helping us build and equip our labs with current technology, and funding student scholarships to attend camps and precollege programs.

You can make a difference by:

  • Supporting our precollege in cybersecurity and summer camps that allow students to develop and learn programs not usually offered in their schools.
  • Equipping new instructional labs to create a exciting STEM learning environment.
  • Funding for teacher/counselor professional development.
  • Supporting youth conferences so we can continue to offer them for free or affordable cost.
  • Offering shadowing days at your organizations to our precollege students.

Opportunities to Give

Our STEM Outreach Program seeks funding for scholarships to our students in the precollege cybersecurity program, to support our youth conferences as well as teacher/counselor training programs. Donors who partner with us can choose an endowment gift, which provides perpetual support, or current-use funding, which makes an impact now.

Precollege Scholarship

High school students who demonstrate strong academic performance, leadership, and exceptional promise for a successful cybersecurity career can apply for merit-based Scholarship for Excellence in Precollege Cybersecurity. Students who need financial aid can apply for a need-based scholarship. Currently we are serving about 50 students in the precollege program and providing 5 need-based scholarships. Your donation could give a child an opportunity to pursue his/her dream. Contact Kira Woitek to make a donation.

Youth Conferences

We offer two youth conferences every year—Engineering Youth Conference to celebrate National Engineering Week and Cybersecurity Youth Conference to kick off Cybersecurity Awareness month. In the last two years, these conferences have served more than 3,500 students. Conferences are full day events. Donations of any amount help us keep the conference free to all participants. 

Teacher/Counselor Professional Development

Teacher development and counselor preparation is an important piece of our outreach. We believe in building a community where teachers are continuously learning new skills to incorporate in their curriculum. Counselor meetings are essential as counselors are communicating with parents and students, informing them of various events, engineering and technology tracks. Donations of any amount help us invite guest speakers to the meetings, keep the content updated, and offer regular workshops to teachers/counselors on latest technology.


Hackathon invites more than 200 undergraduate and graduate students from various colleges and universities to Mason campus to design a solution for a problem proposed by a corporation. The 36-hour long event is free to students. Events like hackathon bring the community of like-minded students together. Everyone gets to learn from mentors, workshops, and from their peers. Donations of any amount help us continue offering hackathon to students for free.

Lab/Equipment Support

Due to limited number of labs available throughout the year, all STEM outreach students, teachers, and counselors are asked to bring their laptops. Due to different configurations and firewall restrictions, teachers, students, and counselors are sometimes unable to complete their activities in the workshops. Having an inventory of our laptops, 3-D printers, IOT devices, engineering gears, and a Mac environment will help us take our learning to the next level. Help us enhance our inventory by donating to the program. Gifts of any amount can be earmarked for the lab/equipment fund.

We have several naming opportunities for donors who want to make a bigger impact and help the local community.

Contact Kira Woitek to explore all our giving opportunities and plan gifts in ways that achieve our shared goals.

Mason students at a STEM summer camp

Learn through hands-on experiences at our camps and workshops.