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Arthur Pyster

Associate Dean for Research
Professor, Systems Engineering Operations Research

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Throughout his career, Art Pyster has played a leading role with systems and technologies in telecommunications, aerospace, defense, air traffic control, and computing.  

Pyster’s proudest professional accomplishments are (1) standing up and operating the Systems Engineering Research Center, which is the largest and most impactful academic research program in systems engineering in the nation, (2) leading the development of the Systems Engineering Body of Knowledge, which has been accessed well over 1 million times and is the most widely read source on systems engineering, (3) applying novel engineering processes at Digital Sound Corporation to develop extremely low-defect commercial telecommunications systems; and (4) as the FAA’s Deputy Chief Information Officer, leading the Federal Aviation Administration's information security efforts, software research program, and IT policy development, and serving on the FAA's investment review board which oversaw more than $3 billion annually.

At Mason, Pyster is helping to expand the size and impact of the Volgenau School of Engineering’s cutting edge research portfolio, as well as teaching and conducting research. His current research focuses on the Atlas theory of what enables systems engineers to be effective. Having received well over $1M in funding from the Department of Defense and the Department of Veterans Affairs, Atlas is currently being piloted in several organizations. 


PhD, Computer and Information Sciences, The Ohio State University

MS, Computer and Information Science, The Ohio State University

BS, Mathematics, University of Illinois

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Faculty Rank: Professor