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Gene Shuman

Assistant Professor

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  • (703) 359-0836 (office)
  • Nguyen Engineering Building, 2219
    4400 University Drive
    Fairfax, VA 22030

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Software is essential to modern living, providing the “brain” that controls devices like phones, cars, airplanes, and computers.  It’s an invisible, yet vital part of our infrastructure.  Software-intensive systems are some of the most complex inventions ever created by humans.  Creating good ones is difficult and requires appropriate education, experience, and discipline. 

Gene Shuman seeks to equip Information Sciences & Technology students with knowledge of the programming, algorithmic processes, and tools used to create software-intensive systems. Doctors-in-training are required to dissect a human body as part of their medical education. They need to know the inner workings of the body even though most will never become surgeons. Likewise, IST students need to know the inner workings of systems to be effective IT practitioners, even if they never write code professionally.

Shuman's research focus is on applying IT to cross-disciplinary problems, most recently using pattern recognition techniques to determine how neurological signals in the forearm drive specific movements of the wrist, hands and fingers. He is fascinated by the idea of using data to make predictions.

Apart from his work, he has a keen interest in travel (especially to U.S. National Parks, 19 of 59 to date), history, and in finding ways to minimize energy use without compromising quality of life.   


PhD, Computer Science, George Mason University (2016)

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Faculty Rank: Assistant Professor