Systems Engineering and Operations Research, PhD

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Department of Systems Engineering and Operations Research

Nguyen Engineering Building
Room 2100, Mail Stop 4A6
George Mason University
Fairfax VA 22030

Phone: 703-993-5689


About the Program

The PhD degree in systems engineering and operations research combines academic writing, research, and instruction for a complete analysis of the field and discipline. This degree program provides students with analytical and computational skills to evaluate large, complex systems and becomes leaders in a variety of industries. Graduate students get a chance to work with world-class faculty in their field of research and make connections with fellow classmates and industry professionals.


Program Opportunities

No other department in the nation offers a PhD degree program that covers systems engineering and operations research in this integrated manner. Interested students must have a background in engineering, mathematics, or computing and be willing to learn and advance in their field of study. Below are some of the research areas they may be interested in:

Air Transportation
Human-Centered Design
Military Operations Research
Stochastic processes
Probabilistic modeling