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Distributed Multi-cell Power Control in Transmit Beamforming Systems using Intercell-Interference plus Noise Estimates

by Shyam Prakash Pandula / Bernd-Peter Paris

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  • Published Date: March 23, 2011


We address the problem of distributed multi­ cell power control in multi-user transmit beamforming systems. The transmit beamforming vectors are obtained by exploiting the multi-cell uplink-downlink duality, and for fixed beamformers, the downlink power is allocated so as to satisfy certain per user SINR constraints with minimal total power . The proposed scheme is based on measurement of real­ time intercell-interf erence plus noise (I+N) at the users using an interference projection technique. At each base station (BS), locally available information and the intercell I+N reports from the users can be combined to implement improved distributed multi-cell power control. Simulation results are provided to assess the performance of the proposed technique.