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Network EducationWare: An Open-Source Web-Based System for Synchronous Distance Education

by Charles Snow / J. Mark Pullen / Priscilla McAndrews

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  • Published Date: January 11, 2005
  • Volume/Issue: 49/4
  • Publisher: IEEE


Inexpensive computers and Internet connections can be used in teaching engineering and technology courses to make the classroom presentation of a lecture available anywhere with connectivity. With rapidly growing demand, particularly from working professionals who need courses to remain current or for advancement in their careers, and reductions in financial support, universities face increasing pressure to find solutions that are effective academically and fiscally. This paper describes an open-source distance-learning system that fulfills both "smart classroom" and distance-education roles and that is inexpensive, easy to use and operate, and highly effective, even when used over dial-up connections. The software is available at no cost for academic use.