Meet Our Faculty


  • Alok Berry

    Associate Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Volgenau

    When Alok Berry earned his MS in physics in 1969, the evolution of circuitry computing was picking up speed as it moved beyond individual chips to more complex microprocessors. To this day, key areas of interest for Berry are semiconductors and new electronic materials. Berry engages this knowledge with students in courses covering electromagnetic theory, linear electronics, and circuit analysis. He has been a teaching fellow and research assistant at the University of Missouri, and a lecturer in Physics at the University of Delhi.
  • Director of Assessment and Accreditation, Volgenau Instructor, Water Resources Engineering, Sid and Reva Dewberry Department of Civil, Environmental, and Infrastructure Engineering

    David Binning is a water resources engineer with over 30 years in the design, construction, operation and management of public water and wastewater systems. He is a former Chief Engineer of Fairfax Water where he oversaw the 75 MGD expansion of the Potomac River water treatment plant and the design, construction, and start-up of the 150 MGD Occoquan River plant. Currently, he is the Director of Infrastructure Programs at Applied Engineering Management Corporation. He also serves as a Commissioner on the Engineering Accreditation Commission of ABET, Inc.
  • Kim Blackwell

    Professor, Molecular Neuroscience, Krasnow Institute for Advanced Study, Volgenau Bioengineering, Volgenau Professor, Bioengineering

    Kim Blackwell joined George Mason University in fall of 1996 in the Computational Sciences Institute. From 2007 through 2016 she was a member of the Molecular Neuroscience Department, and joined the Department of Bioengineering in 2016. She also has been a primary investigator in the Krasnow Institute for Advanced Study since 1996.
  • Associate Professor, Information Sciences and Technology, Volgenau Associate Director, Learning Agents Center, Learning Agents Center

    Connecting the dots of Big Data to sniff out violent extremists.
  • Assistant Professor, Volgenau

    Doaa Bondok is an assistant professor of structural engineering in the Sid and Reva Dewberry Department of Civil, Environmental, and Infrastructure Engineering. Bondok co-instructs the senior design projects and serves as the faculty advisor to Mason's ASCE student chapter, the Steel Bridge team. and the Concrete Canoe team. Bondok was nominated for the Career Connection Faculty Award in 2019, and she is a proud member of Mason's Career Influencer Network.
  • Assistant Professor, Information Sciences and Technology, Volgenau

    Lengthy experience with short lifecycles.
  • Laurence Bray

    Associate Professor, Bioengineering, Volgenau
    Associate Professor, Bioengineering

    Challenging the robotic brain.
  • Professor, Computer Science, Volgenau

    Alex Brodsky joined George Mason University in 1993. His current research interests include Decision Support, Guidance and Optimization (DSGO) systems; and DSGO applications, including energy, power, manufacturing, sustainability and supply chain. Alex has published over 120 refereed papers, including six Best Paper Awards.
  • Professor, Cyber Security Engineering, Volgenau

    As director of the first-of-its-kind BS in cyber-security engineering program at Mason, Peggy Brouse is passionate about building a new breed of cyber-security professional. As the nature of cyber threats has grown, the demand for timely response and effective action has built the groundwork for a discipline of anticipatory action and security design.
  • Professor, Information Sciences and Technology, Volgenau

    Pathways for personalized learning.