Meet Our Faculty


  • Professor, Computer Science, Volgenau

    Kenneth A. De Jong received his Ph.D. in computer science from the University of Michigan in 1975. He joined George Mason University in 1984 and is currently a University Professor, a Professor of Computer Science, head of the Evolutionary Computation Laboratory, and Associate Director of the Krasnow Institute. His research interests include genetic algorithms, evolutionary computation, machine learning, and adaptive systems.
  • Ping Deng began teaching at George Mason University in 2018. She teaches courses in C programming and data management and mining. Her research interests include database and data mining. Degrees PhD, Computer Science, University of Texas at Dallas
  • Socrates Dimitriadis

    Assistant Professor, Volgenau

    Socrates Dimitriadis enjoys teaching programming courses and likes to put an emphasis on the algorithmic thinking as well as the pragmatic aspects of software development. Before coming to George Mason University, he spent over ten years working as a full stack developer, and he has built a web portal that attracts more than 100,000 visitors per day. His interests include computational cognitive science, human and computer vision, and the multifaceted process of learning, from brain plasticity to neural networks to lifelong learning.
  • Associate Professor, Computer Science, Volgenau

    Carlotta Domeniconi has taught at George Mason University since 2002. Her research interests include machine learning, data mining, classification, clustering, and big data, with applications in text mining, social network analysis, financial data mining, and learning analytics. Research 2014 - 2015 : Collaborative Research: Deep Insights Anytime, Anywhere (DIA2). Funded by National Science Foundation.
  • Assistant Professor, Volgenau

    Pei Dong is an assistant professor in the Department of Mechanical Engineering. She obtained her BS in Microelectronics from Nankai University and her PhD in Mechanical Engineering from Rice University. She then did her postdoctoral research in the Department of Materials Science and NanoEngineering at Rice University before joining George Mason University. Pei was employed by New Oriental Education & Technology Group Inc. when she was an undergraduate student.
  • Professor Emeritus Systems Engineering and Operations Research, Volgenau
    Founding Director, Center for Air Transportation Systems research, Center for Air Transportation Systems Research

    George L. Donohue came to the Volgenau School of Engineering at George Mason University in 2000 after serving as the Associate Administrator of Research and Acquisition in the Federal Aviation Administration.  He has broad experience in managing major research and technology projects in both the public and private sectors, and was named visiting Professor for Air Transportation Technology and Policy for the FAA prior his administrative position. His research interests focus on Air Transportation and systems engineering.  
  • Shri Dubey

    Assistant Professor, Volgenau

    Shri Dubey has more than 18 years of industrial experience with reputable industries such as Ford Motor Company, Lucent Technologies, and Bell Lab Innovation in the areas of automotive engineering and wireless technologies respectively. Dubey was involved in the design and development of powertrain components and assemblies. In addition, Shri worked on the development of remote radio heads and base stations for wireless technologies at Bell Lab. His extensive experience and expertise from various industries will assist students in senior design projects and their professional development.
  • Professor, Associate Dean for Strategic Initiatives & Community Engagement, Volgenau 

    Building meaningful partnerships across the university with external corporate, government, academic, non-profit, and global entities to support the mission of the College of Engineering and Computing and the strategic objectives of George Mason University.
  • Associate Professor, Computer Science, Volgenau

    Zoran Duric is the program coordinator for the Master of Computer Science Degree. He has taught at George Mason University since 1995. His main research interests are applying computer vision and video image processing to analyze movements of humans and vehicles. He is a deputy editor of Pattern Recognition Journal and a member of the editorial board of IEEE Transactions on Intelligent Transportation Systems. Research 2012 - 2013 : Innovation House Rapid Development Project. Funded by Strategic Analysis Inc.
  • Assistant Professor, Information Sciences and Technology, Volgenau