Meet Our Faculty


  • Qi Wei

    Associate Professor, Bioengineering, College of Engineering and Computing  

    Qi Wei leads the Biomechanics lab at the Volgenau School of Engineering at George Mason University. The lab’s research focuses on developing and applying computational models to study disorders of the oculomotor system and the musculoskeletal system. Using an advanced biomechanical model of the ocular motor plant, the lab examines the coordination of extra-ocular muscles as well as the biomechanics of strabismus.
  • Charles White wears a sage-green t-shirt and glasses in a wooded area for his profile in the Department of Mechanical Engineering.

    Assistant Professor

    Research Interests: Mechanics and material behavior.
  • Associate Professor, Systems Engineering and Operations Research, College of Engineering and Computing

    Jie Xu’s research focuses on stochastic optimization using simulation and its implementation in high-performance and cloud computing environment, robust data-driven decision-making and uncertainty quantification, rare event simulation, and computational intelligence. Xu’s application areas of interest include revenue management, risk management, power networks, data centers, cloud, health care, and production planning.
  • Ningshi Yao wears a navy-blue suit and glasses in her faculty profile for the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

    Assistant Professor

    Research Interests: Include real-time scheduling, control theory, cyber-physical systems, machine learning and human-robot interaction.
  • Professor, Systems Engineering and Operations Research, Volgenau

    As an instructor, Abbas Zaidi’s pedagogical approach has been to challenge his students to solve real world problems as independent thinkers, utilizing their learned techniques and not relying solely on solution recipes provided in textbooks or lectures. He thinks his job as a teacher ends the moment a student becomes an independent learner. As a teacher, he finds this journey rewarding in many ways for both himself and for his students: he thinks the students have taught him more in this process. He firmly believes that learning should be a fulfilling and, therefore, a joyful experience.
  • A photo of Kai Zeng

    Associate Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering, College of Engineering and Computing

    Kai Zeng is an Associate Professor in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at the College of Engineering and Computing.