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Annual Reports

Losing the Secret and Keeping the Best

For years the Volgenau School of Engineering was touted as Northern Virginia's "best kept secret." As part of an ongoing effort to lose the secret and keep the best, the school published its first Annual Report in 2014. The publications tell the story of the school through narratives and numbers in seven thematic areas: data analytics, cyber security, sustainability, robotics, health care technologies, signals and communications, and global outreach. Each theme spans departmental and disciplinary boundaries and captures the depth and breadth of the work of the school’s faculty and students.

Annual Report 2018
Powerful Partnerships

Annual Report 2017
The Future of Engineering Is Here

Annual Report 2016 
Made at Mason

Cover of 2016 Annual Report shows Systems Engineering students and their device that they hope will prevent ACL tears.

In this annual report, you will see examples of research, teaching and scholarship. Embedded into these stories are  some of the relationships, memories, and careers that are all made at Mason. Read  our annual report and learn about what we are making at Mason, and how Mason is making a difference. 







Annual Report 2015 
30 Years: Then and Now

Cover of 2015 Annual Reports pictures Electrical Engineering student displaying UAV that can be used for search and rescue.

This report commemorates yesterday's milestones and highlights today's accomplishments. The visionaries who saw the need for a school of information technology in 1985 would be proud of our 30-year record of accomplishments.






Annual Report 2014 
Engineering a Better World

2015 Annual Report abstract cover design

This inaugural annual report tells the story of the Volgenau School of Engineering through narratives and numbers in six thematic areas, which we call our areas of expertise. Some themes are well established, while others are still emerging, but each spans departmental and disciplinary boundaries and captures the depth and breadth of the work of the school's faculty and students.