Civil, Environmental, and Infrastructure Engineering

You want to build a world that’s safe and sustainable. Mason will give you the skills, knowledge, and hands-on experience to do that. 

Construct a Career with Impact

Mason student and professor work on flood project in wetlands
Civil engineering student Tyler Miesse (left) works with Celso Ferreira, associate professor in civil, environmental, and infrastructure engineering, on research that focuses on how vegetation in coastal marshes can protect communities from waves and flooding.

Our graduates create the world’s fabricated spaces. At Mason, you’ll learn to design and develop the interrelated infrastructure that keeps our water clear, enables us to travel, and provides the safe shelters in which we live and work. 

You’ll understand theoretical and practical principles, and the best practices surrounding the latest technology and innovation.  

Your studies could involve the use of virtual reality, artificial intelligence, robotics, and remote sensing, to improve construction safety, identify structural deficiencies, and predict changing weather patterns. 

And the potential effects of climate change and other environmental issues will be a major part of your program.

Networks and Connections 

Mason’s CEIE department has a close relationship with the industry in the Washington, D.C. area. 

Faculty members conduct research for government agencies and the contractors who support them, including: 

Our connection with these organizations puts you in position to land prestigious internships and jobs. When they need someone to fill a skilled role, they call us. 


We seek ways to mitigate damage from natural disasters, experiment with innovative building materials, and look to data analytics to improve efficiency and sustainability. Our areas of focus include: 

Our areas of focus include:   
Construction Engineering and Management  Geotechnical Engineering 
Structural Engineering  Environmental and Water Resources Engineering 
Transportation Engineering  Specialized Lab Work