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Department of Systems Engineering and Operations Research

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George Mason University
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About the Program

Systems Engineers evaluate the entire cycle of the system, not just the design and technical components. They evaluate the operation of the system, updates, costs in the development of the system, structure, and other components that complete the final product. Mason's master's degree program in systems engineering combines instruction and research that helps students examine the entire system. Concentrations within the degree program range from advanced transportation systems to data analytics. The rigor of this degree program may prepare students for the PhD in systems engineering.

Two systems engineers, a man and woman, evaluate data on a computer screen while wearing yellow jackets and hard hats

Systems Engineers evaluate data on a computer screen. Photo courtesy of iStock.

Program Opportunities

Graduates with a master’s degree in systems engineering from the College of Engineering and Computing have been trained to design, analyze, and troubleshoot complex systems such as aerospace development, military operations, logistics, power systems, and infrastructure. In their careers, they may lead teams of systems engineers on large projects, analyze data for performance, or direct the development of software or other engineered systems. Advanced training in technical management or information systems, engineering is often coupled with a master’s in this highly desirable field.