Meet Our Faculty

  • Computer Science Associate Professor Ethan Ahn

    Associate Professor, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

    Research Interests: Nanoelectronics, Computing Hardware, Energy Harvesting and Storage, Biomedical Devices
  • Mehdi Darehbidi wears a dark suit, striped tie, and glasses in his faculty profile for the Department of Mechanical Engineering

    Assistant Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering

    Research Interests: Fatigue and Fracture, electrochemistry and corrosion, computational materials, reliability, thermodynamics and heat transfer, failure mechanics.
  • Mason assistant professor Matthew Amissah is a black man who wears a light shirt and has a beard in his profile

    Assistant Professor, Department of Systems Engineering and Operations Research

    Amissah's research broadly entails an application of concepts and tools from the fields of Modeling & Simulation and Systems Science.
  • Mason Cyber Security Engineering assistant professor Tanvir Arafin

    Assistant Professor, Department of Cyber Security Engineering

    Research Interests: Hardware Security, Memory Systems
  • Mason bioengineering professor Giorgio Ascoli

    Distinguished University Professor, Department of Bioengineering

    Research Interests: Investigating the relationship between brain structure, activity, and function from the cellular level to the circuit level
  • Data analytics engineering associate professor James Baldo

    Associate Professor, Director of Master of Science in Data Analytics Engineering Program

    Research Interests: Big Data Analytics, Data-Centric Systems, Cloud-Computing, Adversarial Inputs
  • Proflie photo of Mason CEC Dean Kenneth Ball

    Dean, College of Engineering and Computing

    Kenneth S. Ball, PhD, PE is Dean of the College of Engineering and Computing at George Mason University.
  • Mason CYSE associate professor Alexandre Barreto

    Associate Professor, Department of Cyber Security Engineering

    Research Interests: C4I & Cyber Impact Assessment, Simulation & Serious Gaming, Semantic Technologies Application
  • Mason Assistant Professor Anomadarshi Barua

    Assistant Professor, Department of Cyber Security Engineering

    Research Interests: Analog Cryptography and Sensor Fusion; Sensor Hardware, Micro-architectural, and Embedded System Security; Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Memory System Security, Low-power Intelligent Hardware and Algorithms; Designing Algorithms and Systems
  • Mason Instructor Colleen Berg

    Instructor, Department of Mechanical Engineering

    Colleen Berg has been an instructor in Mechanical Engineering since 2006.