Meet Our Faculty


  • Assistant Professor, Systems Engineering and Operations Research, Systems Engineering and Operations Research

    Shima Mohebbi develops scalable mathematical models and data analytics to address grand engineering challenges focusing on societal needs. She is motivated to understand how decision-makers' behavior, coupled with the inherent uncertainty in environmental systems, impacts the design and operations of cyber-physical systems. Her specific interests include game theory, simulation, stochastic models, and interpretable data mining with applications in healthcare systems, interdependent infrastructure systems, sustainable urban water systems, and smart cities.
  • Associate Professor, Sid and Reva Dewberry Dept of Civil, Environmental, and Infrastructure Engineering, Volgenau

    Flood hazards engineering and resilience
  • Jeffrey Moran

    Assistant Professor, Mechanical Engineering, Bioengineering,

    Affiliate Faculty

    Jeffrey Moran's research interests lie in understanding and using micro-scale thermal-fluid transport phenomena to enable new solutions to fundamental challenges facing humanity, including sustainable energy, environmental remediation, and cancer treatment. His doctoral work helped explain the physical mechanism for the self-propulsion of "catalytic micromotors," which are micrometer-size metallic rods (50 times smaller than the width of a human hair) that can "swim" and carry cargo through liquids.
  • Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Volgenau

    Rao Mulpuri's present areas of research interest are large bandgap semiconductor (SiC, GaN, etc) materials, and devices (ion-implantation doping, ohmic contacts, device fabrication, material and device characterization). He joined GMU in September 1984, and became a Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering in September 1993. Research 2013 - 2015 : A Novel GaNAIGaN Nanostructure Room-Temperature Sensor for Security Applications. Funded by National Science Foundation.
  • Associate Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Volgenau

    Jill Nelson is an associate professor in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at George Mason University. Dr. Nelson's research focus is in statistical signal processing, machine learning, and detection and estimation. She has considered applications in target tracking, intelligent sonar systems, and physical layer communications. Her work on sonar tracking and automation is funded by the Office of Naval Research. Dr. Nelson also conducts research in engineering education and STEM faculty development, funded by the National Science Foundation. Dr.
  • Assistant Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Volgenau

    Cameron Nowzari's research interests are in the broad area of dynamics, controls, and robotics. More specifically, he is interested in the analysis and control of complex distributed and/or networked systems and spreading processes. A good example is to imagine a single human operator trying to control a swarm of 1000 robots. It is impossible for the human to send individual commands to each robot, but rather the human should send a high level command to the entire swarm.
  • Director, Computer Forensics, Associate Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Volgenau

    Robert Osgood (Bob), and engineer/C.P.A., is a 26 year veteran FBI Computer Forensics Examiner and Technically Trained Special Agent.  His specialties include: digital forensics, data intercept, cyber-crime, enterprise criminal organizations, espionage, and counter-terrorism. In the course of his work, he has performed digital forensics research and development and created unique new software tools for computer forensic law enforcement. He has also been employed as Project Director for ManTech International Corp. working in the Computer Forensic Intrusion Analysis Division.
  • Associate Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Volgenau

    Peter Pachowicz joined George Mason in 1989 as an Assistant Professor at the Department of Computer Science and was also a faculty member of the Department of Systems Engineering. He currently holds the rank of Associate Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering. His early interests and expertise include knowledge-based systems, knowledge acquisition, intelligent systems engineering, automatic target recognition, machine vision/perception, machine learning, self-adaptive systems, data/decision/algorithm fusion, and integration of AI and ML within engineering systems.
  • Associate Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Volgenau

    Bernd-Peter Paris is currently the Director of the MS in Telecommunications program at George Mason University. His prior experience includes working with the Public Switching Division at Siemens in Munich, Germany. Paris is engaged in research in the areas of communication systems, with emphasis on mobile, wireless communication networks, and information theory.
  • Tenure-Track Assistant Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Volgenau

    Dr. Maryam Parsa is an Assistant Professor in ECE department at the George Mason University. Prior to joining GMU, she was a Postdoctoral Researcher at Oak Ridge National Laboratory in Beyond Moore Computing group. She received her PhD in Electrical and Computer Engineering from the Center for Brain Inspired Computing (C-BRIC) at Purdue university in December 2020 with prestigious four-year Intel Corporation, and Semiconductor Research Corporation (SRC) PhD fellowship.